– Guide you through the process
– Answer any questions you have
– Install your system so that you’re not even aware they have been around.
– Will clean up the site after the job, allowing you to kick back and enjoy your temperature-controlled environments.

– The cold air blow out during a cooling operation reduces the temperature of the room air and sometimes generates a mist.

– Check the following:
– Make sure the air filters are not dirty.
– Make sure the air inlets and outlets of the indoor and outdoor units are not blocked by objects.
– Make sure the temperature setting on the remote controller is appropriate.
– Make sure the doors and windows are closed.
– Make sure the air flow and direction settings are appropriate.
– Make sure ventilation fans in the room are not operating.

– An Inverter air conditioner delivers cool air by varying the frequency of the compressor, and thus regulates the refrigerant to satisfy room cooling requirements and achieve the desired temperature with minimal fluctuations. It eliminates waste with precise control. In this way, it is more energy efficient.

– See full list of branches of Cool Line Agency on our website.

– Mounting and installation of indoor unit on wall
– Placing the outdoor unit at serviceable location
– Drilling one hole on a brick wall (no core cutting) to connect the Outdoor unit (ODU) with the Indoor unit (IDU)
– Laying of interconnect copper pipe between indoor and outdoor unit (if provided with the unit). Vacuumising the piping along with indoor unit. Approved copper makes to be used
– Laying of drain pipe for water and connecting with indoor unit.
– Sealing the holes with white cement / POP
– Connecting ac stabilizer if provided by the customer in-between the main power point and the outdoor unit.
– Fixing ODU stand if available
– Checking the machine performance
– Demo of the product